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Julie Benz’s stay on Wisteria extended
Posted Under: 'Dexter', Desperate Housewives, Interview on February 06, 2010 • Leave a comment? / No Comments

In the last episode of “Desperate Housewives,” ex-“Dexter” star Julie Benz started her tour of Wisteria Lane and already we hear her contract is being extended.

Benz originally signed on for a three-episode arc, but “Desperate Housewives” executive producer Bob Daily tells Zap2it exclusively that they’re keeping Benz around a while longer.

“We’ve been enjoying [Benz] so much,” Daily says. “We’ve extended her at least one more episode and possibly more beyond that.”

As the stripper with the yearnin’ for learnin’, Benz’s character guilted her way into Teri Hatcher’s character Susan’s life and then her home. Benz won’t be sticking around Susan’s place much longer, though. She’s moving in on Dana Delany’s Katherine (in more ways than one).

“Robin will be getting into a friendship,” says Daily. “That maybe turns into more than a friendship with Katherine. Katherine has had kind of a rough year and I think she’s open to new experiences. She’s had a rough time with men. It’s going to be a sort of twisty and turny conflicted relationship for her, I think.”

Daily says Delany is really into her new girl-on-girl storyline. “[Delany] and Julie Benz have worked together before and were friends,” he says. “She’s really thrilled and enjoying the storyline.”

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