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More Information on ‘Held Hostage’

Here’s a new article about Julie’s upcoming Lifetime Movie Network movie, “Held Hostage”!

Dexter Actress Julie Benz to Star in Lifetime Movie Network’s Held Hostage
Julie Benz Stars in True-Life Drama for Lifetime Movie Network’s Held Hostage Premiering July 2009
Acclaimed actress Julie Benz (Showtime’s wildly popular serial-killer drama Dexter, Saw V, Rambo, Buffy) will star in a Lifetime Movie Network original movie, Held Hostage. Held Hostage is an incredible true mother/daughter story of terror, courage, resiliency and self-discovery premiering on Lifetime Movie Network in July 2009. Bruce McGill (W., Cinderella Man) and Canadian actress Natasha Calis (Impact, Christmas Caper) also joins the cast.

About Held Hostage:

Ripped from the headlines, the film is based on the true story and book of the same title by Michelle Renee (www.Michelle-Renee.com). Benz plays Michelle Renee/Estey, an abused teenage runaway that escapes the streets and climbs the corporate ladder as a single mother to become one of the youngest bank executive’s for one of the largest banks in the world. Benz’s character is then kidnapped by three masked gunmen, held hostage for 14 hours and forced to rob a bank to save her only child’s life while they are both wired to explode.

In the midst of the traumatic aftermath the tactical criminal defense team calls Michelle’s role in the bank heist into question and reveals damaging information about her haunting past that could devastate the prosecution’s case against her attackers. Completely dismantled and suffering with PTSD, Michelle realizes that to recover from this terrifying event in a positive way for her daughter and herself, she must embrace her past and heal her life…all of it. Read Full Article

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