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With her girl-next-door looks, Julie Benz doesn’t seem like the kind of actress who jumped at the chance to be tortured as part of the Saw film franchise.

Nor does she seem like the sort to play one of the best female villains in television history – blood-curdling vampire Darla in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel series.

What’s more, Benz’s character in pay-TV series Dexter, which begins its third series this week, is in love with a serial killer.

Asked what leads her to such chilling roles, Benz smiles and says: “I don’t see the dark side to me. I think what it is, is the juxtaposition of taking someone like me and putting them into this world.

“Also, as an actor, to be honest, working in the horror genre is more challenging.”

That challenge for the 36-year-old Pittsburgh native is to make the fantasy seem real.

In the case of Darla, that meant playing a vampire with real bite. Although she rarely got the better of Buffy or Angel, it wasn’t from a lack of trying.

She felt even more of a responsibility with Saw V.

“When I got the phone call about being part of it, I said yes before I even read the script,” Benz says. “It is such an honour to be part of this franchise.

“The Saw movies are terrifying. They are not just slasher films. It had me psychologically terrified on set.”

Although Dexter falls more into the crime drama category, Benz says that in many ways the series fits the dimensions of a horror film. Her character Rita Bennett is the damsel in distress, a mother of two who has been emotionally crippled. Rita has become attached to a monstrous man with no feelings, except a passion for murder, but who appears normal to those around him.

“I think Dexter is the ultimate horror figure. We have all seen it happen in real life with all the serial killers. No one really knows they are serial killers,” Benz says.

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