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Julie on ‘Rambo’
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Julie Benz is featured prominently in all the deleted scenes on the Rambo DVD. Most of her long speeches about the political situation in Burma were cut for the sake of pacing.

“For me, it was finding that balance between being impassioned about what it was I was talking about but also not coming off preachy because I think it’s such an important message,” said Benz. “Really for me, it was such a great character to play. To play somebody who really believes in bettering the world and being an activity, she was putting her life in danger going in there. This is a woman with amazing courage.”

This DVD is not the only opportunity to see Benz’s extra work. Sylvester Stallone has announced plans to release a director’s cut reinstating more footage into the film.

“Actually, there will be another DVD release this summer of the movie and it’s entitled John Rambo, that will include all of the scenes in the movie. All the proceeds from the sale of that DVD will be going to help the Burmese refugees. It’s especially important because of what happened with the cyclone recently. It just devastated the country.”

Not only the pace but the tone of the film will be impacted by these additions. “I think it’s going to be a different cut altogether. It’s like a more romanticized version of the movie. You’re going to really get to see the heart of John Rambo and where this man is in his life and in a way, why Sarah was able to influence him to take them into Burma. You’re going to see a better understanding of the characters and what drives them. The original cut is great. It’s an action movie, but there is a little bit missing, at least for me, and I’m such a romantic. I’m such a girl that of course I’m like, ‘The heart is missing’ but that’s just because I think everything should be romantic. I’m not saying romantic as in love interest romantic. That’s not it at all. When I refer to romantic and romance, I mean more of the heart of the characters, more of the sensitive side.”

Still, Benz has no qualms with the theatrical cut. “Any time you shoot any movie, there’s always different ways the movie could have been edited and put together and created. We had over a million feet of film on Rambo. You had to make a 90 minute movie. You can’t put everything in. That’s why I love the idea of doing different cuts because then you get to see maybe how it could have played out differently.”

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